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Viper's Den Serum Library 1.0 - House & Bass
Viper's Den Serum Library 1.0 - House & Bass
Viper's Den Serum Library 1.0 - House & Bass

Viper's Den Serum Library 1.0 - House & Bass

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Sick of paying for sounds you can't actually use?

I get it. Seems like these days everyone is selling sample packs full of junk that just ends up wasting space on your hard drive. Not this one. If you know my music, you’ve heard what these sounds can do, and I want to make it easier for YOU to make big, nasty, interesting music that packs dance floors!

50 venomous, slithering, snarling, Serum patches so you can make your best music even faster.

Crystalline plucks, punchy leads, impactful synths, and of course, BIG HEAVY BASS! These sounds have all been customized by Snake Bones for maximum  modulation, so your music is more sonically rich and interesting. FX, Filter routing, envelope controls, wavetable modulations and more all meticulously crafted and assigned to Macro controls so you can make creative changes with just a few knob tweaks.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 35 BIG Bass Presets
  • 15 INTENSE Lead & Pluck Presets
  • 1 Customized Purple Serum skin
  • Access to a top-secret bass sound design tutorial
  • Eternal gratitude and thanks for your support

If you make any form of modern dance music, especially Bass House, Tech House, or Future House, this collection of sounds will become your go-to for synthesis in Xfer Serum. Load up a preset and vibe out, or go in-depth and tweak the patches to become your own individualized sound library, the possibilities are endless. 

A lot of Sound companies constantly churn out new stuff hoping to catch the next fad, I just make collections of sounds I actually use and leave the filler out. I'm also not gonna do that thing where I tell you a bunch of fluff and 'bonus offers' are $300 and discount it down, blah blah.

These are 50 sounds you'll actually want to USE, and an extremely affordable price. You probably spent more than this on food today, or at the bar last night. Why not have something to show for it that you can build and create with? 

By purchasing any of the products on this site you're supporting independent music, independent artists, and helping more and better content get made so you can go from Noob to Known in less time. 

Check the demo video here for a quick preview of 5 of the patches for an idea of what these sound like- or you can hear many of them in action on Spotify in Snake Bones music, just click one of the links below to stream a playlist.

This Is Snake Bones Spotify Playlist
Slaps & Bangers Spotify Playlist