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How To Set Up Multiple Cameras & A Green Screen In OBS With Your Webcam & Cell Phone

In this tutorial I show you how to set up multiple cameras in an OBS Scene using a webcam, a cell phone, and the internal filters to remove a green screen background and be a DJ who's really "in the scene." 

Using these techniques you'll be able to create multiple angles for your camera in OBS, correct the color of your camera on screen, and copy filter settings between sources. You'll also learn how to duplicate existing camera sources into additional scenes, making it easier than ever to build a creative livestream setup.

These techniques work on a Mac or PC, can be used with your internal camera, and external webcam, or a cell phone making it simple for you to build a more professional livestream with equipment you already own. I demo the Tactical Drum Station pack, a faux-3D environment you position your DJ gear in to give your scenes more depth.  

Think of them like sample packs and presets for your livestream. Arrange, combine, crop, and remix the components to compose your own unique DJ live streaming experience.


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